Joe Biden's Spokeswoman Tested Positive for Corona

Joe Biden’s Spokeswoman Tested Positive for Corona

She had initially cancelled the trip to Europe with Joe Biden because of a “family emergency”, a corona infection, as it has now become known.


Jen Psaki, the US President’s spokeswoman, has now tested positive for Corona herself. Joe Biden last met her on Tuesday.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki contracted the coronavirus despite being vaccinated. On Sunday, she had tested positive, said Psaki in a written statement in the evening (local time). Psaki is currently not accompanying US President Joe Biden on his trip to Europe and, according to his own statements, last met her boss last Tuesday, under special protective measures.

Psaki had cancelled her trip with Biden to the G20 summit in Rome and to the world climate conference in Glasgow last week at short notice and initially vaguely cited a “family emergency” as the reason. In her message from Sunday, she said that the background was that “a member of her household” had tested positive for the coronavirus. She then went into quarantine and had herself tested on Wednesday and Thursday and on Friday and Saturday. All of these tests were negative. The test on Sunday was then positive.

Psaki said she had not met any senior White House officials since Wednesday. The most recent meeting with the president on Tuesday took place outside, with a distance and masks. You reveal your test result to provide the greatest possible transparency. Given her vaccination against the coronavirus, she only feels mild symptoms and can continue to work from home. She plans to return to the White House after a ten-day quarantine and a negative test result.

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