Judge in the Murder Case of Former Ceo Philips in Kenya Arrested

Judge in the Murder Case of Former Ceo Philips in Kenya Arrested

A judge in Kenya charged with a few cases involving the murdered widow of Dutchman Tob Cohen was arrested this morning. Kenyan media report that. The magistrate is said to have been guilty of conflicts of interest.


Judge Sankale Ole Kantai of the Court of Appeal in Nairobi was arrested this morning in the Kenyan capital and transferred to the national police for questioning.

According to unconfirmed reports, he allegedly shared the bed with the suspect widow Sarah Wairimu Kamotho (52) in exchange for his “help”, possibly cheating with evidence in the investigation into the murder of Tob Cohen.

According to the Daily Nation newspaper, the judge is accused of helping Cohen’s widow. This by giving her advice and assisting in the preparation of statements for the police.

Sarah Kamotho contacted the judge, according to the Kenyan newspaper, hoping to get some advice in case she would be arrested for involvement in the case. The judge paid her plane ticket to Kisumu where he attended a workshop and sent a car with driver to the airport to pick her up, The Nation said.

Kamotho’s lawyer informs this site that he does not comment “on the most recent diversion of the national criminal investigation department”.

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