Keilley Lee Marques is the New Brand Ambassador Barcelona Handmade

Brazilian by origin, designer and influencer Keilley Lee Marques continues to climb within the fashion and lifestyle industry.

She is taking new opportunity to become a new ambassador for the new fashion brand Handmade Barcelona(














Having more than 10 years of experience dealing with the international market, Handmade is a company that made its name by making espadrilles shoes, avarca sandals and leather shoes.

The brand’s trademark is its proper design and handmade fabrication in various countries all over the world, namely Spain, United States, Columbia and the United Emirates.



Handmade also distinguishes itself with the “colourful, fun” store-shopping experience that is advertised by many known platforms such AirBnB Experiences, TripAdvisor and Viator included the store as a possible tourist destination and a must-visit place.

Their innovative yet traditional design, quality of material and local production makes Handmade a brand that has been recognized by important publications, such as Vogue, Forbes and Under30CEO, among others.

“To get a pair of Handmade’s is a unique experience, which should bring comfort to your feet, any time of the year, no matter the season. Every detail of the designs shows the company’s dedication, sensibility and love given by the people that have created the shoes in Spain”, expressed the brand’s new ambassador Marques.



She also states her intentions of representing Handmade in national and international events and to establish effective communication with other sectors and the general public.

The goal is to push the product to different areas, using other less-travelled ways to reach broader sector of possible costumers. Even in a present pandemic situation, Keilley was able to connect with the public through her official personal web( and social media( Her warm personality and positive energy is a perfect connection with the brand that she is representing and wants to help Handmade to expand locally and internationally in the foreseeable future.

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