Kim Jong-un Maybe Hiding from Coronavirus

Kim Jong-un Maybe Hiding from Coronavirus

The fact that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has disappeared from the public eye may have to do with concerns about the coronavirus.


That said a South Korean minister after days of speculation about the health status of the dictator.

Kim did not show up on the significant North Korean holiday on April 15 earlier this month. Then it is remembered the birth of his grandfather Kim Il-sung, the North Korean father of the fatherland.

Kim’s absence was considered very unusual and led to speculation that he may be seriously ill. North Korean media reports that the leader is sending diplomatic letters, but they do not go into detail about where he is.

South Korean Reunification Minister Kim Yeon-chul pointed out an alternative theory in parliament.

He said that there are concerns about the coronavirus in North Korea as well, which is why all kinds of festive events have been cancelled.

North Korea has not reported an outbreak of the virus but is taking strict measures to keep the virus at bay. That means, according to the minister, that it is not strange that Kim does not attend ceremonies.

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