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KLM: North America Destination Network Almost Back to Normal

KLM’s destination network in North America is almost back to the level of 2019 before the corona pandemic. The capacity in seats and frequencies is still considerably lower, according to the airline.


Although the travel restrictions in the United States and Canada are still significant, the vaccination rate there and also in Europe is increasing, which means that further relaxation is in sight, KLM says.

The total number of North American destinations for the summer of 2021 is sixteen. Compared to the summer of 2019, there is one less, namely Salt Lake City. However, KLM will continue to offer the direct route from Amsterdam to Salt Lake City in collaboration with its partner Delta Air Lines.

KLM plans to add Las Vegas and Minneapolis during the summer, but this is subject to the lifting of travel restrictions between the US and Europe.

“It’s positive that our network in North America is almost back to normal when you look at the number of destinations. North America is an essential market for KLM. The band goes way back, as evidenced by the fact that we’ve been flying to New York for 75 years this year.

Hopefully, travel restrictions for the US, Canada and Mexico will be eased soon, and more opportunities to travel to North America will be added soon. An internationally valid vaccination passport would be very helpful in this regard,” said KLM CEO Pieter Elbers.

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