KLM is Investigating Serious Transgressive Behaviour Former Pilot

KLM Will Start its Summer Timetable, Which Applies Until the End of October

KLM will start its summer timetable, which applies until the end of October, next Sunday with a much slimmed-down flight schedule due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus.


The adjusted schedule only counts 10 percent of the average number of flights. The airline only flies to 32 European destinations and 25 intercontinental destinations, subject to changes until May 3.

KLM points out for the destinations Delhi, Dubai, Lima, Nairobi, Beijing and Taipei that “very strict travel restrictions apply” and that KLM initially only operates cargo flights to those destinations.

Also, KLM announces that many countries can adjust their policies in the short term, and the airline recommends passengers to consult the website of the international trade association IATA for an overview of the rules.

“The European network is designed in such a way that as many European flights as possible connect to the intercontinental network,” says KLM.

Travellers are warned against stringent restrictions on the destinations Barcelona, Madrid and Rome. “We will consider at a later stage whether and when these flights can be performed.”

European destinations are also emphasized that restrictions can change in the short term and that destinations are subject to change.

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