Kyiv: No Escape Routes Possible on Wednesday

Kyiv: No Escape Routes Possible on Wednesday

It will not be possible on Wednesday, according to the Ukrainian government, to arrange escape routes for people who want to leave Ukrainian places because of the fighting there.


According to Kyiv, that is the fault of the occupiers, by which the Russians are meant. They block buses to transport evacuees and violate the agreements about a local ceasefire.

Russia accuses the Ukrainian side of hindering its own evacuations, especially in Mariupol. Far-right militias, such as the Azov Battalion, would like to keep civilians in the city as human shields.

Ukraine would not want to evacuate all civilians from cities, because the Russians might see them as a military target, and they would then be attacked en masse. However, according to local authorities, there are still more than 100,000 people in Mariupol who want to be evacuated.

The port city has come into the hands of Russian-backed Eastern Ukrainian militias for the most part after weeks of fighting. However, there is still fierce fighting for an industrial complex on the eastern edge of the centre and the harbour.

About a thousand people from the Ukrainian navy eventually surrendered, according to the infamous Chechen leader Ramzan Kadirov, who came to interfere with his fighters in the capture of Mariupol.

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