The First Result of American Elections Announced

Last Election Debate Between Trump and Biden Proceeded in An Orderly Fashion

The last debate before the election between US President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden, unlike the first, has been orderly. Both candidates let each other speak this time. However, there were regular personal attacks on both sides.


To ensure that the first tumultuous debate was not repeated, the organizers turned off the non-speaking candidate’s microphone while answering the moderator’s questions.

During the free parts after that, in which Trump and Biden could argue with each other, the debate was also orderly. However, mud was regularly thrown among themselves. For example, both candidates accused each other of corruption.

In the first debate, Trump and Biden repeatedly interrupted each other. Trump also regularly had to stick with debate leader Chris Wallace.

The moderator of the last debate, Kristen Welker, managed to manage the conversation considerably better. Trump, who came across as much more disciplined and presidential than in the first debate, even complimented Welker on that at one point.

At the end of the debate, Welker asked the candidates what they would say in their inauguration speech to the people who had not voted for them.

“We need to make our country as successful as it was before the plague came out of China,” Trump said, referring to the corona epidemic. “We had the best unemployment rates ever, including for minorities. Success brings us together. I lower taxes, but he raises them,” said the president, pointing to Biden.

“I will say, I am the American president and I represent all of you,” he replied. “We prefer hope to fear. There are huge opportunities to improve this country.” Biden stressed that he wants to create millions of jobs by moving to clean energy and said he wants to make sure everyone in the United States has an equal opportunity. “That has not been the case for the past four years,” said Biden.

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