Lebanon's Government Wants Clarity About Blame Quickly

Lebanon’s Government Wants Clarity About Blame Quickly

The Lebanon government wants quick clarification of who is responsible for the devastating explosion in Beirut.


Foreign Minister Charbel Wehbe says that a special committee will have several days to investigate this.

“This morning, the decision was taken to set up a commission of inquiry. It must come up with a detailed report within four days at the latest,” said the minister on French radio.

He promised that judges would punish those who have been negligent.

In the port of Beirut, a warehouse exploded on Tuesday where more than 2,700 tons of confiscated ammonium nitrate was stored.

At least 137 people were killed, and thousands were injured. The customs authorities would have warned in vain in recent years that there was a dangerous situation.

Minister Wehbe says that according to the first reports, explosive material was handled irresponsibly. “There was serious negligence here for six years.”

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