Merkel Wants Power Over Lockdown and Not Consultations With Federal States

Man Who Drove Into Merkel’s Fence Released

The man who drove a car into the fence of the office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday was released by police after questioning.


German media reported that the judicial authorities in Germany see no reason to hold the man or put the man in a psychiatric institution.

The 54-year-old German hit a fence of the Bundeskanzleramt on the Platz der Republik near the German parliament. His motive is not yet clear. A state security agency is conducting the investigation, which points to a possible political reason.

The car was painted with slogans. Photos on the internet show that on one side was “Stop the globalization policy”. On the other door was the caption “You damn children and old people murderers”.

In 2014, the man in the same car also hit the fence. Then there was a text about climate change on the vehicle and a declaration of love to a woman.

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