Mattel to Make SpaceX Space Toys

Mattel to Make SpaceX Space Toys

American toy manufacturer Mattel will make toys inspired by SpaceX, the space company of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Barbie and Hot Wheels racetracks manufacturers will release the figures from 2023.


The toys will fall under the Matchbox branch, known for its toy cars and trucks.

Mattel also plans to develop Space X products for Mattel Creations, an online platform for collectors who want limited edition products. It is the first time that Space X has entered the toy market. Mattel has been making space toys since the 1960s.

According to Mattel, the company likes to contribute to “honouring cultural moments” with these types of products and wants to “inspire humanity,” it said in a statement about collaboration.

Space X vice president Brian Bjelde said the company believes “a future that takes place among the stars is fundamentally more exciting than one that doesn’t.”

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