Microsoft Makes AI Version Bing More Widely Accessible to Audiences

Microsoft Makes AI Version Bing More Widely Accessible to Audiences

Microsoft is making Bing Chat, also known as the new Bing, accessible to a wider audience by making it an ‘open preview’. Until now, a select public could only use the artificial intelligence-based search and chatbot, and there was a waiting list.


That waiting list has expired. Microsoft also adds extra functions.

Those who have a Microsoft account can use the application to search for an image, for example, a teddy bear, and then ask Bing: “How do I make this?” The AI tool will then suggest websites explaining how to make a teddy bear yourself. People can also give Bing a written command, after which the AI will draw it.

Microsoft unveiled this overhaul of its long-established Bing search engine back in February, which was received enthusiastically by investors at the time. In addition, the tech company has integrated OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot into the application. With the new Bing, Microsoft wants to fully compete with the world’s most used search engine, Google, from rival Alphabet.

OpenAI and Microsoft have had a closer relationship since the beginning of this year, following the latter’s commitment of $10 billion in investments in further research in artificial intelligence by OpenAI. Meanwhile, the competition is not standing still. Google also received some news about its AI functions.

For example, the company let users practice with its Bard, which, based on a language model, devises what a logical answer could be. The company also introduced AI functions to create presentations, emails or texts.

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