Ukrainian Police Busy With 12,000 Unexplained Deaths

Military Drone from Ukraine Goes Completely Off Course and Crashes in the Capital Croatia

A drone suddenly crashed a few days ago in the Croatian capital Zagreb. The plane had a bomb on board. According to President Zoran Milanović, the drone came from Ukraine.


In the meantime, further investigation has shown that it is an old device from the Soviet era.

The military drone came from Ukraine and flew over several NATO member states. The meter-long drone of more than 6,000 kilograms, which flew at an altitude of 1,300 meters, crashed a few minutes after entering Croatian airspace late Thursday evening at Lake Jarun. The authorities assume that the fuel has run out.

There were no casualties, but a huge crater formed near Zagreb, and there was a lot of damage. Dozens of parked vehicles were damaged. The drone flew through Romania and Hungary.

The Ukrainian defence minister believes that the NATO countries did not react in time, as a result, the drone was not intercepted and regrets that. Nevertheless, he spoke of a very serious incident and announced a thorough investigation.

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