Mount Everest is 86 Centimeters Higher According to A New Measurement

Mount Everest is 86 Centimetres Higher According to A New Measurement

The height of Mount Everest is 86 centimetres higher due to a new measurement. The Chinese Foreign Minister announced in a joint press conference with Nepal that the mountain is precisely 8,848.86 meters high.


The new height determined is based on recent measurements by both countries.

Nepal had the height investigated in May 2019, and China did so earlier this year. The new measurement should end the controversy about the exact height of the highest point in the world.

It is the first time that Nepal has independently carried out a measurement. The country has so far held 8,848 meters as its official altitude, based on a measurement made by India around 1950. More recent measurements have revealed a different number.

It is speculated that the height of the mountain could have changed due to global warming and an earthquake in 2015.

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