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New IPhone Update Resolves Security Error

New iPhone Update resolves Security Error. For seven days it was possible to crack the iPhone and the iPad, but with the just-released update for iOS, Apple is closing the leak again.


A week ago the hacker Pwn20wnd told Motherboard Vice that there was a gaping hole in the security of the iPhone and iPad.

Apple had accidentally reversed a previously closed gap in the software,

 making it now possible to crack (jailbreak) an iPhone and run its software.

According to security researcher Stefan Esser, it was a good idea to be very critical of every download,

 since every app builder could hack an iPhone through this leak.

This fear can now be put in the closet again since Apple has just released the 12.4.1 update for iOS.

Apple does not mention the details of the leak but does have a word for the hacker.

“We would like to acknowledge @ Pwn20wnd for help”, can be read in the description of the update.

Google programmer Ned Williamson is also thanked, as he was the first to notice this leak in iOS 12.2,

 after which Apple closed it in 12.3 and undone it in 12.4.

Furthermore, the update contains no new features,

 for this one has to wait until the new major update to iOS 13.

It is expected mid-September.

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