New Worries about Britney Spears after bizarre Pictures: She Needs Help

New Worries about Britney Spears after Bizarre Pictures: She Needs Help

The environment of Britney Spears (37) is again concerned. After the singer threw a bizarre film online last weekend, in which she explains her own conspiracy theory about the paparazzi, she yet feared her mental state.


“Her mind goes up and down, and she barely sleeps,” it sounds in American media.

According to Celebrity Insider Britney Spears Claims The Paparazzi altered her pictures. Spears went to Instagram to describe how she believes that paparazzi photos are first edited to put her in a bad light. For example, photographers would work on her waist in Photoshop so that she would appear much thicker than she is.

“Hello, please don’t judge me because I look wild. My question to you all is: many fans in our world today are subject to criticism from people and say that the photos and videos they post are late or fake.

But nobody ever asks: are the paparazzi photos fake or does the paparazzi do things with those photos and is the news new? It is a conspiracy theory that I am interested in, “says the singer in her video. “I went swimming yesterday. On the photos, I look like I’m 20 kilos fatter than I am today. I’m as slim like a needle right now. Tell me, what’s real?”

According to her environment, the pressure from the outside world weighs heavily on Britney. “She is worried about what everyone thinks of her, and that is very stressful.

Britney has always been concerned about her body because her physical appearance has always been so important to her career, “says an insider. “It feels like she must look great at all times. But at the moment she can focus better on stability and get the help she needs, without feeling like she is under a microscope.”

“She’s very fragile right now, and her emotional state is going up and down. The family and the doctors are happy that her behaviour has improved a little, but they know it is a constant problem. It can get worse at any time, so they try to regulate her condition and help her keep taking her medication.”

Britney would also barely sleep, the insider said. “No, she has huge problems with insomnia. Her team tries to measure her daily routine, but she has problems with the structure of her days and her schedule. They are now encouraging her to build a routine with set times to go to sleep and get up.”

Spears has had several intense months in which she took a rest to be with her family because of the poor health of her father, Jamie. She even had such a hard time that she went to a clinic to work on her mental health, about which the wildest stories were also circulated.

For example, she was forced to do so by her father, which she denied. Also, Britney is embroiled in a legal battle with former manager Sam Lufti, who is challenging the intercourse with her through the courts.

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