Nicolette Kluijver

Nicolette Kluijver Pays A Moment For Growing Children

Nicolette Kluijver Pays a moment for Growing Children. Nicolette Kluijver (34) pays attention to her growing children on Instagram.


Also, the presenter shares a sweet photo of herself and her three children.

“Time goes fast”, writes Nicolette with the photo.

On the photo, we see an extremely cheerful Nicolette with her three children: Isabella, Ana Sofia and Joost.

The presenter receives many positive reactions to the photo.

Fans think it is a recognisable image.

“They are suddenly big”, someone responds.

A range of famous Dutch people reacts to the sweet photo of Nicolette and her offspring.

Among others, the new co-presenter of Expeditie Robinson, Kaj Gorgels, responds.

Just like Roy Donders, Shary-An Nivillac and Tim Douwsma.

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