North Koreans Face Tobacco Risks

North Koreans Face Tobacco Risks

North Koreans are even more reminded of the dangers of smoking through the media of the authoritarian state.


The unhealthy habit would increase the chance of being infected with the coronavirus, state news agency KCNA reports according to South Korean media.

“Smoking has cost more lives than natural disasters and traffic accidents. Since the new coronavirus usually enters the respiratory tract and lungs, smokers are more likely to contract this dangerous infectious disease.”

Parliament passed a law earlier this month to further discourage Smoking. Smoking is prohibited in certain places and in some buildings.

According to South Korean media, the law raises the question of whether it also applies to leader Kim Jong-un, a chain smoker. He is regularly portrayed in state media with a cigarette.

The state news agency also points to the dangers of inhaling “secondhand smoke”. Residents are also made aware of the environmental pollution and fire risks of discarded cigarette butts.

There is relatively much Smoking in North Korea. According to a survey, more than four in ten male residents smoked in 2014.

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