IOC Still Does Not Rule Out Russian Officials

Number of Corona Infections Also Continues to Rise in Tokyo

With the Olympic Games approaching, the number of corona infections in Tokyo is rising. On Wednesday, 1,832 people tested positive in the capital of Japan. Last Wednesday, 1149 residents of Tokyo were found to be infected with the virus.


The Olympics open on Friday. Specialists think the number of positive tests in Tokyo could rise to 2,600 a day next week. On Wednesday morning, 75 participants in the Games had tested positive.

All participants in the Games are not allowed to have contact with the local population. Instead, they travel from the Olympic Village to all the competition locations. The Japanese RIVM has called on all residents of Tokyo to watch the Games at home.

No spectators are allowed during all matches in the Japanese capital.

Restaurants and bars are not allowed to serve alcohol and must close their doors around 8 pm. Many Tokyo residents are now tired of the state of emergency. Some drink alcohol on the street. The red-light district of Kabukicho is still brightly lit at night.

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