Germany Pushes for European Decision on Russians Fleeing Mobilization

Opponents of Mandatory Corona Pass EU Parliament are Wrong

The European Parliament can ask its members to show corona proof to be allowed in. MEPs from JA21, SGP and some supporters objected to that rule but were proved wrong by the European court.


The parliament makes its own rules, and last autumn, wanted to protect its visitors against infection with the pass requirement, the General Court of the European Union ruled. According to the Luxembourg court, the privacy and other rights of MEPs have not been violated. Because the coronavirus took hold at the time, measures were necessary and appropriate, the General Court ruled. And there was no useful alternative.

Such an obligation must be examined at regular intervals, according to the General Court. Now that the “exceptional circumstances” are over, the pass requirement must also be over. This no longer applies, although parliament still asks everyone to wear a mouth cap.

The European Parliament invariably followed the corona measures very closely or preferably went a step further. That also aroused resentment. MEPs such as Rob Roos of JA21 complained about undemocratic restrictions and compulsory vaccination.

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