Palestinian Professor and Hamas Member Shot Dead in Malaysia

Palestinian Professor and Hamas Member Shot Dead in Malaysia

A Palestinian professor who was a member of the Islamist group Hamas was killed on Saturday morning with shots from a passing engine. That is what the local police say to Forbes News.


The perpetrators would have been with two and killed the victim, Fadi al-Batsh when he was on his way from his home to a nearby mosque in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh accused Israel and Mossad secret service of the death of Al-Batsh.

‘Several scientists have been killed in recent years. We found that hostile security and intelligence devices were behind the killings, especially the Israeli Mossad, “Haniyeh told journalists in Gaza. According to him, the murder is a violation of sovereignty.

The Islamist association, which in the West is often regarded as a terrorist organization, confirmed earlier that Al-Batsh was a ‘loyal and loyal member.’ Israel did not comment.

Malaysian Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said that Al-Batsh, who lectured on electrical engineering, planned to travel to Turkey from Malaysia that afternoon, reported Bernama, the state’s news agency.

“We suspect that the teacher, a permanent resident of this country, had become a block of a country hostile to Palestine,” Zahid said.

According to him, the perpetrators were ‘Caucasian and linked to an intelligence service.’

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