Sebastian Kurz, the Wonderboy of Austrian Politics, Quits

Parliamentary Committee Investigates Kurz Corruption Scandal

Austria’s opposition parties set up a parliamentary commission to investigate the corruption allegations against Sebastian Kurz. The ÖVP leader resigned as chancellor after pressure from his coalition party.


The committee may seize documents and question witnesses under oath. This committee can be set up without the support of the two ruling parties, but according to opposition member Kai Jan Krainer, the ÖVP could delay the matter so that the first session will not take place until next year.

The former head of government and nine others are accused of using government funds to manipulate polls in Kurz’s favour. “What we know now may be the tip of the iceberg,” said Krainer of the Social Democrats during a press conference with the other two opposition parties.

Kurz denies all allegations. Although the 35-year-old politician is no longer a Chancellor, he remains the leader of his party and still influences government policy. The coalition between the ÖVP and the Greens is holding up now that fellow party member Alexander Schallenberg has succeeded Kurz.

Shortly after his promotion, the former foreign minister announced that he would work closely with Kurz.

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