British Prime Minister Confirms Military Departure from Afghanistan

Prime Minister Johnson Decides on Stricter Corona Measures

British Prime Minister Johnson is expected to decide on stricter corona measures on Monday, partly in response to the new virus variant causing unrest.


Opposition leader Keir Starmer has called for a national lockdown because the coronavirus is entirely out of hand.

The current restrictions placed on the population are aimed at specific areas that already grip much of England. Johnson could declare the strictest restrictions in more areas and possibly for a long time. According to the English media, he is also considering more extended closures in education.

The strictest restrictions have already been imposed for almost 80 percent of England, and the prime minister is examining with his ‘corona core cabinet’ whether there should be any more restrictions, such as a complete ban on social contacts between different households and the limitation of the time during which people can exercise outside.

Johnson does foresee that the vaccinations will provide a way out of all the restrictions and he hopes that tens of millions of people can be vaccinated in the next three months. According to Labor leader Starmer, the prime minister is too often postponing necessary measures, just like earlier in the corona crisis.

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