Red Bull Takes Engine Experts Away From Mercedes

Red Bull Plans an Even Better Car for the Next Race at Imola

Formula 1 team, Red Bull Racing, is already planning updates for the cars of Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez for the next race, on April 18 in Imola, Italy.


“This car should work for us and cause as few problems as possible. We will already be making as many improvements as possible for Imola, ”said Red Bull chief engineer Paul Monaghan on

Red Bull seems to have the car this year that can actually beat Mercedes in the world championship.

Although Lewis Hamilton won the opening race in Bahrain last Sunday, the duel for victory with Verstappen was exciting until the last lap. Mercedes itself indicated after the race that Red Bull has a car that is faster in most areas.

“We have to develop further, make this car even stronger, as it were bullet-resistant. We do not influence what the other racing stables do, and our fate is entirely in our own hands. We have already discovered a number of points where we can improve the car.

Some we already carry through in Imola, others in the races afterwards. What is certain is that it will be a long fight in a long season, ”said Monaghan.

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