Ex-President Trump to Launch Social Network: TRUTH Social

Republicans Paint US Nightmare Image Under Biden

Speakers at the Republican convention opened the attack on Joe Biden, the Democratic challenger of President Donald Trump, on the first night of the party show.


Biden and the Democrats were portrayed as far-left and as a threat to the United States. The speakers praised Trump, among other things, for his approach to the corona pandemic and for what he would have done for the opportunities of minorities.

After Trump was officially nominated from Charlotte and lashed out at the Democrats, who he says are trying to steal the election through fraud, Trump appeared in a video from the White House with health workers by his side.

“These are fantastic workers who have helped us so much with the COVID,” Trump said. “We can give it a lot of names, like the China virus – I don’t want to name all of them because some might be offended – but that’s how it is.”

The series of speakers that followed challenged the image of an incompetent Trump outlined by the Democrats at their convention last week and sought to portray the Democrats as radical and dangerous.

Lawyer couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who became famous when they aimed guns at a group of passing Black Lives Matter protesters, warned, “No matter where you live, your family will not be safe in the America of the radical Democrats.”

Trump’s son Donald Jr. praised his father for imposing an entry ban on Chinese people after the coronavirus broke out “thanks to the Chinese Communist Party”.

“The president acted quickly. Joe Biden and his Democratic allies, therefore, called him a racist and a xenophobic. They placed political correctness above the safety of the American people.”

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