Belarus Denies Forcing Landing Ryanair Plane

Ryanair Introduces Digital Covid-19 Wallet

Airline Ryanair is coming up with a digital covid-19 wallet, which is available through its app.


Customers can use this travel wallet to download their corona test result, vaccination certificates and other documents that may be necessary to travel by plane this summer.

Ryanair expects that, with current vaccination campaigns in Europe, existing travel restrictions will be lifted in time for the summer holidays (June to September).

“Passengers will be able to use our travel wallet to store all the necessary covid-19 travel documents in one place. That should make it easier for them to present them at the airports during their journey ‘, it sounds.

The Irish low-cost carrier expects travel restrictions to be relaxed once the older and at-risk population is vaccinated by the end of May or June. “Demand for air travel will then recover strongly,” the company expects.

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