Belarus Denies Forcing Landing Ryanair Plane

Ryanair Talks With Boeing About Large Order for 737 MAX

Irish airline Ryanair is in talks with Boeing about the purchase of 150 to 200 737 MAX aircraft. Irish media reported that.


It is reported that an order could be placed before the end of this year that would be worth at least $ 18.7 billion based on list prices.

Ryanair would like to purchase different versions of the 737 MAX. The order would be a big boost for Boeing, as the 737 MAX has been grounded since March last year for safety reasons due to two crashes in a short period.

In addition, the American aircraft manufacturer is struggling with the consequences of the corona crisis in the aviation sector, which means that far fewer new aircraft are ordered.

Earlier this month it was announced that Polish Enter Air had placed the first order for the 737 MAX this year. At the same time, Boeing is struggling with many cancellations for the model.

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