Samsung Galaxy S23 Comes With 200 MP Camera

Samsung Galaxy S23 Comes With 200 MP Camera

Samsung presented its latest flagship smartphones on Wednesday evening. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S23 series, the top model of which throws a 200-megapixel camera into battle, has become more expensive compared to the devices that came on the market last year.


After Apple, Samsung is now also raising prices for its latest smartphones. The price increases are mainly a result of exchange rate effects, says the South Korean tech giant. Prices in dollars have remained the same as last year.

According to Samsung, in recent years, more and more consumers in the Belgian market have opted for the most expensive devices of the S series, even to the extent that supplies could not follow. Samsung, therefore still sees growth, particularly in the ‘super premium’ segment. For example, more than forty percent of the buyers of an S22 device chose the S22 Ultra, according to the company’s figures.

The smartphones from the S23 series are not drastically different from their predecessors in terms of functions and appearance. However, it is striking that Samsung now also puts a Snapdragon chipset from the American chipmaker Qualcomm in phones in Europe. In recent years, the European S smartphones had Samsung’s own Exynos chipset on board, but it turned out to perform less well.

Furthermore, the Galaxy S23 comes with a Super HDR selfie camera, with a jump from 30fps to 60fps, for better photos and videos with the front camera. And in combination with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro earphones, the owner of the latest Samsung smartphone can also enjoy 360 Audio Recording.

The S23 series is available in Phantom Black, Cream, Green and Lavender. If desired, the devices are also available in more exclusive shades via the manufacturer’s site.

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