Schools are Also Closing in New Delhi, But Due to Air Pollution

Schools are Also Closing in New Delhi, But Due to Air Pollution

Due to heavy smog over the Indian capital New Delhi, schools will close again on Friday until further notice. The Indian Supreme Court announced this on Thursday.


The pollution caused by particulate matter in and around the capital is many times higher than the World Health Organization’s acceptable limit values.

Schools in New Delhi had previously closed but were recently reopened after a slight improvement in air quality. The Supreme Court ordered the government to tackle air pollution. “It’s terrible that the pollution is so bad that children can’t go to school,” said the India chief of Save the Children. The schools had previously been closed for almost two years due to the corona pandemic.

According to official figures, the area experienced its worst air pollution in six years in November. Especially in winter, the air quality in the metropolis is among the worst in the world.

Farmers in surrounding states then burn crop residues to quickly and cheaply grow crops again. That is actually forbidden, but that ban is hardly enforced. On top of that are the exhaust fumes from the many cars, industry, construction sites and waste incineration.

Many people in the Indian capital do not see air pollution as a major problem. Instead, the wealthy buy air purifiers to keep the air in their homes clean.

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