Singapore Airlines Stops Flights to Nowhere on Tuesday

Singapore Airlines Stops Flights to Nowhere on Tuesday

The airline Singapore Airlines stopped offering flights to ‘nowhere’ on Tuesday. The airline does this after criticizing the environmental impact of the flights.


Flights to nowhere have been offered by various airlines since the coronavirus outbreak. In Australia, Japan and Taiwan, for example, people can join a flight that returns to the same airport after take-off and several hours of flying.

This allowed airlines to earn some money despite the cancellation of many flights. The flights turned out to be surprisingly popular.

Singapore Airlines is now discontinuing this. Environmentalists have been pushing for it for some time. According to the activists, the corona crisis is the time to think about the climate and not the time to return to destructive patterns.

The airline is now coming up with other ideas to make extra money. Those interested can take a tour by plane and also dine in it. The aircraft will then remain on the ground.

Earlier this month, Singapore Airlines laid off nearly 20 percent of its employees because aviation is almost at a standstill due to the measures against the coronavirus.

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