Sonos Apologises for Stopping Support for Older Products

Sonos Apologises for Stopping Support for Older Products

From the middle of this year, first-generation Sonos products will no longer receive updates or new features. The decision puts the company on a lot of criticism. Sonos CEO Patrick Spence apologises for the way the company has communicated the end of support for old Sonos products.


In his apology, the CEO promises that Sonos will continue to provide bug fixes and security updates for their oldest products for a long time.

The first generation of Sonos products was released between 2006 and 2009. This includes the original Zone Players, the Connect and Connect Amp, the first generation Play: 5, the CR200 and the Bridge. Previously, users were concerned about whether the devices would at least get bug fixes and security updates.

The CEO now reports that they will continue to provide “fixes for as long as possible”, but the products will not receive new functions. If the company cannot solve significant problems, it promises alternatives, he promises.

Moreover, according to him, Sonos is working on the way to divide up systems. This should ensure that on the one hand, modern Sonos devices can work together and continue to receive updates, while on the other hand, outdated products continue to function together.

Sonos will announce more about these plans in the short term.

The CEO also responds to criticism of the trade-in program and the “Recycle Mode”. With the recycling program, customers can get a 30 percent discount on a new Sonos product if they put products in that mode.

That mode disables speakers and after that, it is not possible to get them working again. According to Spence, the intention was not to put pressure on customers to upgrade.

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