Call of Duty will Still be Available for PlayStation

Sony Targets 1 Billion Online Games and Movies Customers

Sony wants to attract many more customers in the coming years for its online games store and streaming platform PlayStation Network.


The Japanese technology and entertainment group also hopes to attract more people through other sites. Ultimately, Sony wants at least 1 billion people to visit its online platforms for entertainment, compared to the roughly 160 million people today.

Over the next three years, Sony will allocate 2 trillion yen, for strategic investments to drive growth, the company announced on its investor day. The games division around the PlayStation game console plays an essential role in this, especially the PlayStation Network.

It is already possible to buy and play computer games online, stream movies or listen to music via PlayStation Network. Sony wants to expand the streaming service for games, among other things. In addition, many more PlayStation games, which are very important for the growth and profitability of the company, also need to be made available for smartphones.

To attract more people, Sony also wants to capitalize more on the rights to storylines and characters from games and movies. According to Sony, the cinema hit Demon Slayer, based on a comic book series, is a good example of this. Initially, a TV series for Sony’s streaming platform Funimation, the film version of the anime series broke records in theatres this year. Sony studios are currently working on a game based on the story.

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