Joe Biden's Spokeswoman Tested Positive for Corona

Spain Again Has 164 Deaths in 24 Hours

In Spain, 164 deaths from the dreaded coronavirus have been recorded in 24 hours. It is the same number of deaths as determined on Sunday.


The number of infections has increased by 356, Spanish media reported. That is the lowest number of new cases since March 8.

Of the 218,000 infected patients, 121,000 have now been cured. More than 25,400 patients have succumbed to the virus.

Spain is gradually easing the strict restrictions on freedom of movement introduced to combat the spread of the virus. It is now called ‘phase zero’.

With masks, for example, you can travel by public transport again. Cafés and restaurants can open on Monday for customers who pre-order and then pick it up. Libraries and a range of businesses including local stores are opening again with several restrictions.

Professional athletes can start training individually again for as long as they want, but they shouldn’t do that too far from home and stay in their province.

Four islands are one step ahead of the rest of the country. On Formentera, La Graciosa, La Gomera and Hierro it is already ‘phase 1’ on Monday.

There, for example, slightly closer social contact is permitted, all seats in cars may be occupied and terraces open again.

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