Humanitarian Disaster in Myanmar: People Die in Bushes from Corona

Spain Eases Lockdown, Non-Essential Professions Back to Work

Spaniards with non-essential professions will be able to return to work from today so that commuting will continue.


The Spanish government made that decision on Saturday because the daily death toll from the coronavirus had been decreasing for several days.

Companies must be able to ensure that their employees can work in a safe environment, with the necessary protective equipment.

The relaxation is not undisputed, says correspondent Sven Tuytens in “The morning” from Madrid: “Scientists and caregivers are concerned, they think it is too early. It is also risky because the capacity problems of many hospitals have not yet been solved.”

In Spain, the lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is eased from today: even those who have a non-essential profession can now return to work.

“Companies that can guarantee safe working conditions are allowed to resume activities,” Sven Tuytens tells from Madrid in “The morning”.

Since the middle of March, only people with a “strategic profession” were allowed to work, and that is now changing. But scientists and health care providers are critical of the decision.

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