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Sri Lanka Releases Social Media Blockade After Nine Days

Sri Lanka Releases Social media Blockade after nine Days. The president of Sri Lanka lifted the blockade of social media on Tuesday, according to the reports.


The ban was imposed nine days ago.

It was just after the suicide attacks on Easter Day.

One of the aims of the blockade was to prevent the spread of fake news.

The Sri Lankan government calls on the people of the country to “use social media responsibly,

 even though the blockade has been lifted due to the continuing situation in the country.”

During the blockade, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Viber were not available.

It was striking that the embargo was set even before messages could lead to possible unrest.

It is not apparent how useful the blockade on social media has been.

Social media in Sri Lanka were also temporarily blocked in 2018
It was not the first time that social media were temporarily blocked in Sri Lanka.

It happened at the beginning of 2018, after calling for religious violence between Buddhists and Muslims.

It is troubled in Sri Lanka since more than 250 people, including 3 Dutchmen,

 died in attacks on churches and hotels on Easter Monday.

There is fear of retributions. Sri Lanka has deployed soldiers in its hunt for more than 150 suspects.

During the search, many fatalities have occurred in recent days.

On Monday, the officials in Sri Lanka warned of new attacks.

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