Striking: Russian Soldiers Ask in Video to Join Wagner

Striking: Russian Soldiers Ask in Video to Join Wagner

The American television channel CNN has found a striking video on the internet. The video shows a group of ten soldiers fighting for the Russian army and addressing Wagner’s mercenary army: “We ask to exclude you. All ten of us are ready to fight.”


After a few difficult months, the Wagner group finally seems to be reaching its goal: the conquest of Bachmut. And while almost every military expert sees this as a fairly insignificant step, it will undoubtedly mean a huge boost for Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin who has turned Bachmoet into a prestige project. And soldiers of the official Russian army also apparently see the local breakthrough as a success that they are happy to join.

In the video discussing CNN, one soldier takes the floor. He addresses the Wagner group directly: “Unfortunately, the situation here has led to the disbandment of our regiment. We ask that you allow us to join you. We are with ten soldiers who are ready for battle.”

On CNN, they regard the video as proof that the official Russian army is not doing well. “Eighty percent of the Wagner group died or were injured last year. And yet Russian soldiers prefer to join them. So this message is harmful to all Russian generals and also to Putin himself,” said presenter Erin Burnett.

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