Original iPhone Blows Out 15 Candles

Student Sues Apple For 1 Billion Dollars

Student Sues Apple for 1 Billion dollars for Facial Recognition. A New York student is suing Apple for 1 billion dollars. Face recognition software would have mistakenly identified him as the perpetrator of a series of thefts in Apple Stores.


According to the reports the eighteen-year-old boy, Ousmane Bah, was arrested in November on suspicion of theft.

Later it turned out that the photo that came with the arrest warrant was not at all from Bah.

He would even have been hundreds of miles away in New York for a school party while one of the thefts that took place in Boston.

The student states that he once lost a driver’s license without a photo and thinks he has become a victim of identity theft.

The face recognition software that Apple practices in its stores would,

 therefore, have incorrectly designated him as the perpetrator.

The different charges have led to “a lot of stress and problems” at Bah, he writes.

Apple does not claim to use face recognition in its stores.

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