Study: Half of Android Users Consider Switching to iOS for Privacy

Study: Half of Android Users Consider Switching to iOS for Privacy

A study of a thousand Americans should show that Apple, with its recent focus on Privacy and security, appears to users as more secure than Android.


Of the Android users surveyed, 49% would even consider switching to iPhone because they feel those devices handle security and Privacy better. The study should show that consumers feel better protected with an iPhone 13 Pro Max than with a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The study was conducted by Beyond Identity, a company that makes multi-step verification, and is based on questions from 1,003 Americans. It must therefore be viewed with some nuance. For example, iOS is the market leader in the US, whereas it is Android for us. Rules on tracking and Privacy are also less strict than in the EU.

However, the results are striking. For example, users of Apple systems around password management or the cloud appear to feel several percentage points more secure than users of similar systems on Android. In addition, about a third of Android users in the study would consider switching to iOS with the launch of the latest operating system, iOS 16, because they feel it offers better security.

One important feature that entices them to do so is LockDown Mode, an extremely boarded-up mode designed to protect against government spyware that Apple itself does not recommend for everyday use.

It currently seems that Apple, at least in the US, already perceives that it is building a more secure system. In addition, the release of LockDown Mode and clear steps to prevent tracking by third parties (such as Facebook) give Apple a foothold among consumers concerned about tracking and security.

On the other hand, Android’s stable mate Google, the world’s largest advertiser, has been clumsily trying to strike a balance between ‘less tracking’ and ‘still enough tracking to sell ads.’ Unfortunately, some of the users don’t seem to notice that.

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