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The European Parliament Calls For An Approach To Mileage Fraud

The European Parliament Calls for an Approach to Mileage Fraud. The European Parliament has to stop rumbling with odometer readings in used cars. The parliament asks the European Commission to deal with the situation.


The parliament voted Thursday with a vast majority (577 to 32) with a request to the European Commission to come up with proposals within a year.

According to the parliament, it is more comfortable to register the reading of odometer with each garage and also easy to exchange with other EU countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium already do this in this way. Also, the fraud must be punishable.

The European Parliament estimates that half of all used cars sold across the border have been tampered with by the counter.

“Together we lose nearly 9 billion euros a year due to this fraud,” says MEP Peter van Dalen (ChristenUnie).

Together with his D66 colleague Matthijs van Miltenburg, he advocates introducing the Belgian Car Pass or the Dutch National Car Passes in the rest of the EU.

Also mentioned that this approach is more comfortable to kept cars mileage history. The parliament points to the success of this.

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