Austria Extends Lockdown for Unvaccinated People

The French Government is Allocating Billions for the Production of Medical Supplies

The French government is allocating billions of euros to quickly start the production of mouth masks and respirators in its own country.


President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday unfolded plans worth at least 4 billion euros.

According to Macron, the intention is that France will produce 1 million mouth masks per day within a few weeks. At the end of April, the production level should then be 15 million masks per week.

According to Macron, the stock of protective caps is too small when looking at the speed at which the coronavirus spreads.

In order to make more respiratory equipment, the companies Air Liquide, Valeo and Schneider Electric will work closely together in a new consortium. Car manufacturer PSA also agrees.

Germany is also driving the production of mouth masks. According to the Ministry of Finance, a whole row of companies is ready to switch to the production of masks.

“That can now happen quickly, and we are there to ensure that it takes place quickly,” said Minister Olaf Scholz. The department issues financial guarantees as support.

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