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The United Nations Calls for Sanctions to be Suspended During the Corona Pandemic

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights calls for sanctions to be suspended during the corona pandemic.


Michelle Bachelet was referring to sanctions against Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

“Given the tremendous consequences such as deaths, suffering and further contamination, it is vital to prevent the collapse of health systems in all countries,” Bachelet said in Geneva on Tuesday.

“If the health system in a country is weak, it increases the risk of the virus spreading all over the world.”

The corona crisis has particularly hard hit Iran. Human rights groups have pointed out that hospitals are short of equipment and medicines because of the sanctions, Bachelet said.

More than fifty doctors have already died there after being infected with the virus. The infection spreads from Iran to neighbouring countries.

The residents of the countries that are subject to the sanctions are not responsible for their government’s policies, Bachelet said. It called on affected countries to provide transparent information about their situation and to accept humanitarian aid.

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