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The US and Russia Wants to Continue Nuclear Weapons Control Talks

Russia and the United States hope to meet as soon as possible for a second round of talks on nuclear weapons control in Vienna, possibly in late July or early August.


That said the US envoy for those conversations Tuesday, the day after the first round of discussions.

US Special Envoy for Arms Control, Marshall Billingslea, said at a news conference that he and his Russian counterpart agreed to set up “multiple” technical working groups and that a second meeting would depend on their progress.

Russia said it is unrealistic to expect China to join the talks on arms control between Moscow and Washington. The United States has called Beijing to this end several times.

Russian Deputy Secretary of State Sergey Ryabkov and US Envoy Billingslea spoke Monday on global security issues, and a possible extension of notably the Start Treaty on nuclear weapons control, the Russian foreign ministry said.

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