Thousands of Children are At Risk of Death in Yemen Due to Lack of Food

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Thousands of children are at risk of death in Yemen due to a lack of food. UNICEF warns about this.


The country is experiencing one of the most significant humanitarian crises in the world, which the coronavirus is exacerbating, according to the children’s rights organization.

Civil war has been going on in Yemen for five years, causing millions of people to flee.

Due to the violence, it is difficult for aid organizations to get necessary things like water, food and medicines to the population. Famine threatens three million children.

If nothing changes, 2.4 million children under five years old will be severely malnourished in six months. That’s half of all children under five in the country.

Because many Yemenis have limited access to water and health care, the coronavirus spreads quickly, according to UNICEF. Washing hands is difficult for many people in the country because there is little running water.

Almost 10 million children have little or no access to clean water. Also, nearly half of all medical clinics are closed due to the civil war.

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