TikTok CEO Testifies for American Politicians

TikTok Signs European Code of Conduct Against Hate Speech

The company promises to investigate reports and complaints within 24 hours and remove illegal content.


Social media app TikTok has signed the European Code of Conduct to tackle hate speech and incitement to violence. This makes the company the ninth social media platform to join the initiative launched by the European Commission in 2016.

In June, the committee announced that the affiliated platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, now check 90 percent of reports about hateful content for illegality within 24 hours. They then remove an average of 71 percent of it.

EU Commissioner Didier Reynders (Justice and Consumer Affairs) welcomes TikTok’s commitment to tackling illegal online hatred. “The EU needs robust cooperation with such prominent parties to make the digital environment safe for all.”

TikTok is a subsidiary of the Chinese tech company ByteDance and has recently been under fire in the United States and India. According to critics, the famous movie app would collect too much data from its users, which could then fall into the hands of the Chinese government.

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