Top Laguiole Knife Care Tips to Enhance Its Life

Top Laguiole Knife Care Tips to Enhance Its Life

Have many of you love owning a knife?

Well, countless people would raise their hands, but not everyone is capable of caring for their knife. The blade quality degrades with time and hence comes the day when you thought of replacing your old Laguiole knife. But, is it right to substitute your recently purchased knife with a new one?

NO; lack of knowledge and improper maintenance of your Laguiole knife results in frequent damage of the knife. Below are the caring knife tips that will help you boost its life to many years.

Know Your Knife:

What type of knife do you own? It’s essential to know your knife brand and quality to help you find it’s legacy and heritage importance. For a renowned name like Laguiole knives, you are always provided with a certificate that includes detailed information about its manufacturer, area of origin, phone number, and other essential information. If you cannot collect the complete information, take help from the internet, and find the maximum possible information to learn about your knife.

Clean Your Knife Regularly:

Not every knife has the same cleaning format. Instead, the Laguiole knife is a masterpiece that needs a separate maintenance technique. It would help if you kept the knife out of the children’s range. Furthermore, avoid washing your knife frequently. Dishwasher cleaning is also prohibited; that can degrade your knives’ charm. Above all, if you can sharpen your knife, take help from a professional and let them do it for you.

NOTE: Hard water, soap, chemicals are never suggested to clean your knife as they might damage its handle and degrade its life.

Keep Your Knife Sharp: 

It’s better not to have any knife instead of having a blunt knife. Furthermore, it’s more worthless if you own a dull Laguiole knife. Owning one such knife means big responsibility which you must take and keep its sharpness to top-quality. Many sharpening kits are readily available from the market, which you can buy to sharpen your knife. However, it’s crucial to sharpen your knife smoothly and politely.

Keep Your Knife Oiled:

The knife experience friction at its joint. Hence it’s essential to keep your knife oiled to ensure the joints are moving correctly without causing trouble. Further, check every component of the knife that requires oiling and provide the same to smoothen its folding functionality. Here, you must know what type of blade you have. A conventional steel blade can be lubricated without any hassle. However, for other materials, you might look ahead before applying the same on your knife.

Respect Your Knife:

Until you don’t respect your knife and handle it with extreme care, it’s hard to experience its real potential and use it wherever required. It entirely depends upon how you hold your knife, how you place it in your pocket, and so on. In short, you must stay responsible for the knife and hold it wisely.

So, these are some practical tips that will help you care for your Laguiole knife. What other pointers do you want to add?

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