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Trump And May Want Trade Deal After Brexit

Trump and May want Trade deal after Brexit. British Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump talked in New York about a possible “far-reaching” trade deal after the British exit from the European Union.


“They agreed that the Brexit offers a great opportunity to close a large and determined British-American free trade agreement,” stated May’s office.

If Trump wants to commit to such a trade deal, that is a provision for May.

Also, there is a lot of criticism of her Brexit plans within the conservative party of the prime minister.

The White House only reports that the two leaders have considered various international issues.

The trade agreement was not specified in that American statement.

Trump caused a disturbance earlier this year by saying in an interview,

 that May’s plans could disrupt the way of a trade agreement with the US.

He did so in the run-up to a visit to Britain.

The president later nuanced his statements.

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