Trump Once Again Destroys China: Responsible for Mass Murder

Trump Once Again Destroys China: Responsible for Mass Murder

President Donald Trump has lashed out at China on Twitter. He accuses Beijing of “worldwide mass murder” for the coronavirus outbreak.


In a morning tweet, Trump talks about a “wack in China” who is alleged to have released a statement saying that “everyone except China” is to blame for the virus. It is unclear precisely who Trump means by crazy.

He probably refers to Chinese President Xi Jinping, with whom he no longer wishes to speak.

According to the President of the United States, “incompetent China” is responsible for all deaths caused by the coronavirus.

It is not the first time that the US President has approached the Chinese government with such powerful words.

The relationship between the two countries has come under severe pressure since the corona crisis.

Trump recently threatened to end diplomatic relations with the country and also announced that he was not ready for any reconciliation talks with Xi Jinping.

That is striking, because in January he praised the Chinese president for his swift action, according to the tweet below.

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