Trump Urges Republicans to Vote for McCarthy as Speaker of the house

Trump Supporters Demonstrate in Front of the Arizona Election Agency

Supporters of US President Donald Trump demonstrate in front of the Maricopa County Election Office and the Arizona State House of Parliament, both in the capital Phoenix.


Local media report that. The protesters, some of whom are heavily armed, are demanding that the vote continue. The Democrat Joe Biden is currently in the lead.

A Republican Senate seat on behalf of Arizona has already been lost in the election, and protesters fear that the eleven electors will also go to the Democrats. The American news channel Fox News, among others, has predicted that Joe Biden will win the elections in Arizona, but other media do not dare to do so.

According to the latest information from news channel CNN, Biden currently has 50.7 percent of the votes in Arizona and President Trump 47.9 percent. About 84 percent of the vote in the southwestern state is said to have been counted by now.

Some Arizona voters are said to be concerned about their vote because when they checked online, they found it invalidated. Rumour has it in right-wing circles that some ballots have been declared invalid because voters allegedly used a marker instead of a pen. Election officials have assured that using a marker is not grounds for rejecting completed ballots.

If Biden wins the state of Arizona, he will reach 264 electors, according to current predictions. Then a win in the state of Nevada (6 electors) is enough to get the 270 electors needed for the victory over Trump.

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