Trump Transfigured Storming the Capitol as A Peaceful Rally

Trump Transfigured Storming the Capitol as A Peaceful Rally

Five people died, and many were injured in the storming of the Capitol in Washington on January 6. For Donald Trump, the participants were “peaceful” and “great” people who “felt that the election was rigged”.


On January 6, Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol in Washington after being incited in a speech by the then-incumbent US President. For the 75-year-old, this event is a rally of peaceful supporters even six months apart, as he announced on his house broadcaster “Fox News” on Sunday. The “Spiegel” reported about it first.

When asked to describe the events that resulted in an ultimately unsuccessful impeachment trial, Trump replied that more than a million people attended the rally that day because “they felt the election was rigged.” He describes the participants as “peaceful” and “great” people. There was love in the air, and he had never experienced anything like it. (“The love in the air, I’ve never seen anything like this.”)

Five people, including a police officer, died in the violent storm on the Capitol, and many more were injured. US authorities have now indicted around 500 participants. Two days before the interview, work began on dismantling the inner protective fence around the US parliamentary seat that was erected after the attack. An outer fence around the Capitol had already been dismantled in March.

In addition, Trump, who was switched on by telephone, made hints of the death of 35-year-old Ahli Babbitt in the “Fox News” interview. The Trump supporter is said to have tried, along with others, to forcibly gain access to a protected area of the House of Representatives. A police officer shot her in the left shoulder and later succumbed to her injuries.

Trump speculates with the presenter about who shot Babbitt (an “innocent, wonderful, incredible woman”). The truth will come to light, he says, and implies that the shooter was the head of the security staff of a “high democratic official”.

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