US Oil Price Hits the Highest Level Since 2014

Turkey Will Temporarily Stop Looking for Oil Near the Greek Island

Turkey has temporarily halted the search for gas and oil near a small Greek island. Tensions between Ankara and Athens ran high.


The island is Greek, but it is located two kilometres off the coast of Turkey. Both countries believe that the seabed in this region in the Aegean is theirs.

The island of Megisti, or Kastellorizo, which is called Meis in Turkish, belongs to a group of islands off the coast of Turkey in the easternmost part of Greece.

The tiny island is about three by three kilometres and has less than five hundred inhabitants.

Greece brought naval ships on higher alert due to its Turkish activities.

Turkey sent a ship to a location 180 kilometres from the Greek island. Turkey is now awaiting the outcome of talks with Greece before continuing to search.

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